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Submitted on
January 13, 2012
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Falling into empty space.
Covered by shadows of death.
I watch the world as it dies.
No longer among the living.
I see the future we all lost.
Our souls depart from this world into the next.
Some go to hell others to heaven to get what they deserve!
Endless suffer or endless glory.

The Earth dies with the rise of the sun.
The planet meets its fiery doom.
Everything turns to ashes.
The world dies in just seconds.
All that's living now its dying.
No more hope, no more sorrow no more life.
Time to face the judgment day!
The time ends and all burns.

Only ashes remain after the end.
The hopes we had are nothing but a fade memory of our world.
The dawn never came again only twilight.
All ended in the silent kiss of the burning sun.
Our souls faded in the magnificent heat of the fire.
Eyes closing and breath fading we cry our last tears.
No more tomorrow will be and no more night will come.
The time to be silent comes!

Death embraces us in her silent and cold hug.
That is our last kindness shown to us by end himself.
Dust to dust and ashes to ashes.
It's time for us to lie in our graves and fall into an infinite sleep.
Time for our flesh and bones to root in the polluted Earth!
Everything that has a beginning has an end.
We hear these last words as death cover us in burning fire.
We smile as our lives are drawing near their end.

We rest in peace in Infinity!
This something really old.

I found it yesterday and decided to finish it and this is the final result of my work.

I can't say it's one of my best but surly it has some potential to be a beautiful poem :):):):):):):):):):)

So I hope you enjoy reading it :)

P.S. On Monday I'm going to submit a very strong poem that has a great meaning to it and I'm really proud of it. So Monday is the day when I rock the known and set the start of craziness :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
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XxXRE-MIX-GXxX Jan 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
you the fire to my inspiration
because that poem it reaaly grand
listening to your poems help me get rid of this block in my head
willyoudieforme Jan 15, 2012  Student Filmographer
Thank you very much :worship:

You sir are the first one to tell me this and for me this is an extreme honor :)
So thank you :worship:
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